Nothing Is Impossible with God!

10/09/19 at 06:03 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Adapted from the Gospel Truth Magazine Article “Witness the Impossible”

Maren Hamm was desperately ill since she was a child.

After exhausting all medical treatment options, Maren asked her mother, “Mom, I’m so sick of being sick. I just want to enjoy the mountains, even if I just sit in my wheelchair and look at them. I want to go to Colorado….” These words pointed Maren toward God’s miraculous power. 

Maren endured years of unimaginable pain after contracting the swine flu at the age of nine. Symptoms plagued her until she was no longer able to walk. The excruciating pain in her feet made it hard to stand. Chronic fatigue made it hard for her to even talk, read, or write. 

“The pain in my legs was so bad—it felt like a blow torch was touching them…,” says Maren.

Treatment by the best doctors and hospitals did little to improve Maren’s condition. Doctors diagnosed her with small fiber neuropathy and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. She endured one treatment after another and intense physical therapy. 

Maren’s mother, Linnae, said, “I would have changed places with her in a moment to not see her suffer.” Although the Hamm family believed in the Lord, they lacked a solid understanding of His Word. 

Maren continued to experience a constant flux in symptoms and pain levels over the next few years. Then at fifteen, she received the crushing diagnosis of late-stage Lyme disease, from which most people never recover. 

Linnae discovered the Hansa Center for Optimum Health in Kansas. There, a Christian doctor opened Maren’s heart to God’s power. After the doctor in Kansas had done all he could do for Maren, she asked her mom to bring her to Colorado to the mountains. Linnae agreed to her request.

They booked a cabin in Woodland Park, knowing nothing about the town or Andrew Wommack. At the cabin, a sympathetic clerk inquired about Maren’s illness and told them about Healing School every Thursday at Charis. They decided to check it out. 

“Just from coming through the doors at Charis, I could see God’s love for me,” says Maren. She heard truths she’d never heard before. 

The Hamms decided to stay to hear Andrew speak the following week, where they again heard powerful truths for the first time. Then they headed home, stopping to enjoy the mountains one more time. All of a sudden, Maren felt boldness rising inside of her. She felt a prompting to stand up and walk. 

“And in that moment, the ability to feel where my body was came back; the ability to know how to move my feet instantly came back, and I just started walking. It was just this feeling of absolute freedom.” 

One month after attending Healing School, 1 Peter 2:24, “by whose stripes ye were healed,” became profoundly personal to her. She stood up, took a step, and declared her healing. Instantly, the pain was gone. With the next step, the symptoms returned, but it was too late—healing had taken hold. With her third step, Maren’s symptoms left forever! 

God really does want you well!