When It Looks Like Your Miracle Won’t Happen…

07/25/18 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Based on a Charis Minute by Barry Bennett



In today’s microwave world, we've gotten very addicted to the microwave miracle.


When miracles happen instantaneously, we praise God; but when it doesn't happen instantly or even fairly quickly, we get discouraged.

Even Jesus once had to minister to someone twice (Mark 8:22-26). 

Elijah prayed and sent his servant a total of eight times until he saw the beginning of the answer, and it was very small (1 Kings 18:43-44). 

Satan is the oppressor, but there are times when Satan doesn't let go immediately. No one knows all the reasons why, but if he would let go, all of the fruit of his presence would be gone. 

James asks if there are any among us sick and tells us to pray one for another the effectual fervent prayer (James 5:14-16). He said the effectual fervent prayer avails much. 

Are there things that you’re wondering about? Are you doubting? Are you having your faith tested in some areas? Is it simply because you’re not sticking with it in prayer? We don’t beg, but we require that which has already been promised. Is there something we're missing because we don't hang in there? 

You can ask yourself these questions, and then remind yourself that James 5 also says:

  • The prayer of faith SHALL save the sick! 
  • The Lord SHALL raise him up!
  • If he have committed sins, they SHALL be forgiven him!
  • The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man AVAILETH much!

Ephesians Chapter 6 says to lift up the shield of faith with which we SHALL quench ALL of the fiery darts of the wicked one, but then it goes on to say, “HAVING DONE ALL—STAND.”

Are you standing? 

Once we have done all we know to do, it is time to stand. When discouragement comes, rehearse the James 5 promises to build yourself up. As a matter of fact, change the wording to first person. And since Jesus has already done the work, you can even make it past tense:

  • The prayer of faith HAS SAVED AND HEALED ME! 
  • The Lord HAS RAISED ME UP!
  • If I have committed sins, THEY HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN!

Then, once again, having done all you know to do, STAND!