Are You Feeling Alone in Your Beliefs?

06/27/18 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff



Many who have discovered the truth of God’s unconditional love and grace find themselves suddenly at odds with their traditional churches and their friends. 

It can be a seemingly lonely road when you don’t know anyone who believes as you do. Charis and AWM receive calls constantly from those who are looking to connect with other like-minded believers.

That was the catalyst behind Charis Bible Studies—a place for you to connect with believers in your area who want to dig deeper into the message of God’s unconditional love and grace through Andrew Wommack’s teachings.

The leaders of the Charis Bible Studies are Charis Alumni with a solid foundation in the love of God. They have embraced Jesus’ command to make disciples in all nations—even those in their back yard!

Here are just a few of the literally hundreds of testimonies of those attending a Charis Bible Study in their neighborhood:

  • “We had a women with an issue of blood for 12 years, a lump under her arm, and a hip problem. She called to tell me she is 100% healed!”
  • “We have a participant that has attended for several months. When he started, he was struggling with schizophrenia (hearing voices). He is now devouring Andrew Wommack DVDs, loves the Word, is coherent, and has a radiant countenance. He wants to attend Charis!”
  • “Susanna testified she was delivered from jealousy last week during the lesson. She has carried feelings of jealousy on a regular basis, and it is so wonderful to be free from being jealous of others!”
  • “One of our attendees gave this testimony: She woke up Saturday morning with a migraine headache and just knew that her day was going to be spent trying to make sure that her head wasn't hurting. She remembered our Bible studies and started thinking, ‘Wait a minute. I don't have to accept this pain.’ She said something rose up on the inside of her, and she spoke to the migraine headache like it was somebody and told it that it was a trespasser in her head and commanded it to get out, and it did!”

Charis Bible Studies is truly changing lives. Be encouraged to grow with a small group of like-minded believers as you study the Word and fellowship.

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