Making Disciples of All Nations

05/30/18 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Missions



“Turn theory into practice on the field.” —Dr. Delron Shirley, Missions School Director

Matthew 28:19 tells us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations….”

And that is what is happening through Charis’s Third Year Missions School. 

The Missions School prepares students for ministry on the mission field. They receive extensive classroom training from veteran ministers and missionaries, and then the students turn theory into practice by spending six weeks on a foreign mission field, gaining hands-on experience in a cross-cultural ministry environment. 

The students are required to raise their own funds for the missionary experience. So in addition to receiving instruction in how to raise support for a missionary ministry, students also participate in cross-training in Charis’s Media, Ministry, and Creative Arts Schools.

One of the things that sets the Charis Missions School apart is the six weeks the students actually spend on the mission field. It’s an experience that gives the student an opportunity to experience missionary life first-hand and long enough to begin to truly understand what kind of commitment missionary life demands. 

Time is spent each term visiting various missionary organizations in the Colorado Springs area so the students get an inside look at what it takes to run a missionary operation. Numerous missionaries make on-campus visits as guest speakers and instructors for special courses.

Practical workshops allow the students to develop necessary skills, such as developing sermon outlines, public speaking, working with interpreters, praying with the sick, witnessing, performing dramas and puppet plays, and speaking elementary Spanish.

Who should enroll in Missions School?

There’s an old joke about being able to tell a missionary because he can eat his rice even when a fly lands in it. In fact, a hardcore missionary may even toss the rice and go for the fly because he is so tired of an all-rice diet!

Life as a missionary can be challenging, but with Charis Missions School, you can be prepared to literally change the world.

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