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03/07/18 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Student Life

Student Testimony Blog Elizabeth and David Pappy Walker

Coming to Charis is a step of faith for every student, but for some, it’s a leap of faith.

That’s the case with Elizabeth and David “Pappy” Walker.

In February 2017, their pastor approached David, and said, “Pappy, you know it’s been my vision for five years for us to partner with Charis Bible College and bring an extension school to Kentucky. Would you and Liz consider going and studying there and bring back what you learn? Possibly, we could have an extension school here at Into His Life Ministry.”

Pappy immediately felt the Spirit of God and said yes. God told him that He was going to teach him how to live in His kingdom through seed, time and harvest. 

But for Liz, it would take more. She had a great job and was hesitant to leave her family behind until, says Liz…  

“One day, I came home from work, and David was so excited. He had called the prayer line, and the prayer minister was so encouraging. He told David his own Charis story, and said we just needed to trust God and come! That was when I said yes, and amen,”

Liz’s coworkers would come into her office every day, and say, "You do know God will supply everything you need." And some of them were not even Christians! 

And God has provided! 

Letting go of the comforts of home and family was a challenge, but God always provided. We managed to secure a place to stay through internet searches and phone conversations. Our friends in other churches had prayer meetings and supported us, not just with prayers but financial gifts as well. Our church family and friends also blessed us tremendously. We didn’t know until time to pay tuition that they had decided to pay for our entire year and give us monthly support to take care of our rent!” said Pappy.

With seeds being planted, and all fears diminishing, the Walkers are now at Charis for three years, intending to bring an extension school back to Kentucky.

And after seeing the transformation in them, their church is considering sending someone to Charis every year!

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