Become Laser-Focused in Your Ministry Calling

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"Ministry School is designed to train each student to become 'laser-focused' in their gifts and calling from God. Our goal is to expose the student to a variety of ministry gifts and styles until something makes their 'baby leap' and what God has called them to do is birthed.- Greg Mohr, Director of the Ministry School


One of the most essential keys to being successful in ministry is focus.

When you become laser focused on what God has called you to do and get the training you need, success is just around the corner!


Do you sense the call of God for full or part-time ministry?


Do you feel you may be one of the fivefold ministry gifts to the church or called to youth ministry or the ministry of helps and administration?


Charis’ Third Year Ministry School can equip you for success in all of these areas. Students continue to be immersed in the Word while gaining in-depth ministry experience. The school’s staff and instructors further prepare Charis graduates for the practical aspects of serving in churches and ministries.


While the Ministry School leans toward church ministry, students are exposed to men and women of God currently serving in all of the fivefold offices: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher as well as youth ministry and the ministries of helps and administration.


What you receive in the Ministry School includes:


  • Improving teaching and communication skills in interactive classes 
  • Developing a strategic ministry plan, focused on launching new ministries
  • Maturing in the fivefold ministry gifts through seasoned pastors and ministers
  • Getting specialized training: pastoral, school planting, and children and youth ministries
  • Gaining exposure to various local ministries through off-campus, hands-on placements.


Become laser-focused, and take your mountain through the Charis Third Year Ministry School!


(Charis graduation is a prerequisite.)


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