A New Generation of Grace

10/17/18 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Events





Where God guides, He provides. 


Nowhere is that statement more evident than in Andrew Wommack Ministries, where Andrew’s vision from the Lord is in full swing, and the completion of The Auditorium draws near. 


From the purchase of the land, through the completion and occupation of The Barn, and now to the completion and occupation of the Auditorium, God has shown Himself faithful and strong to provide and complete the vision.


If you would like to see God’s faithfulness in action, watch the progression of events from the Destiny Story of the Littlestars, the previous owners of the land that is now The Sanctuary and then the construction updates from breaking ground for The Barn through the completion of The Auditorium. Look what the Lord has done! 


And on November 3, 2018, we are celebrating just that. Join Andrew, Jesse Duplantis, and Kenneth Copeland as we dedicate The Auditorium to God and His purpose, and see firsthand all the Lord has provided.


The doors will open at 1 pm, and the festivities will begin shortly thereafter. Appreciate the natural beauty of The Auditorium with your closest friends as you tour the finished building and property. And then enjoy praise and worship and Andrew’s welcome message, geared toward thanking God for this present-day miracle. 


Special teaching by guest speakers Jesse Duplantis and Kenneth Copeland will continue the celebration of this historic day. Jesse will be speaking at 3 pm, and Kenneth at 8 pm, respectively. 


Join us at this once-in-a-lifetime event as we rejoice in God’s faithfulness and look forward to the future.


This is a FREE EVENT, but please register by October 31 to secure your spot at the celebration. 


Welcome a new generation of grace, and see God take His children to new heights through the completion and dedication of The Auditorium!


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