Orders from Headquarters!

06/14/17 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Missions




Jon Rand found himself on a mission trip as does every other 2nd Year Charis student.

He really didn’t know what his purpose was in this trip to Costa Rica.


Jon’s team boldly went into an indigenous Bribri tribal village called Shiroles. 


They headed to a church service at the home of Pastora Xinia. The service was held under a black
tarp stretched from the eaves of her home to two trees in the yard, and they sat on crude, wooden benches and disintegrating chairs. 


The speaker for that service spoke about asking God for their needs and believing that they would receive. And after the service, Pastora Xinia said they were believing God for a church building by 2018 to serve their community.   


Before departing, Jon asked how much money was needed to build the church. They needed 7 million colones ($14,000 US) for the land and construction.


“Making my way to the bus, I was pondering what I had just learned. Suddenly, God spoke to me, ‘See to it that they get that church building.’ For a couple of days, I ‘reasoned with God’ about my part in this!  


“Then God told me, ‘I didn’t tell you to build it yourself; I told you to see to it that it gets done.’ Orders from Headquarters! 


Jon returned to Colorado and began to raise funds for this cause. 


With the all-powerful God we serve behind the project, in three short weeks, all the money was raised!  In fact, more than $16,000 was raised. Our God is more than enough! 



The land has now been purchased. Jon has also returned to Costa Rica for a second time and has helped with the construction of the building, which will be done by the end of June, 2017! But more importantly, the people of this isolated village in Costa Rica will witness the goodness of God and be able to share the Gospel in a comfortable setting…

Because Jon received ‘Orders from Headquarters,’ and he followed them!

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