God Is On Our Side

05/03/17 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff




Is your fear of failure keeping you from stepping out and doing something God has called you to do?


We limit God when we allow our past failures and our fears stop us from trying to accomplish all that God has called us to do. Some would rather sit and do nothing than run the risk of failure.


God is a big god! And He has big plans for you—for every one of us!


I know that I’m going to finish my course, but even if I never finished all the things that God has told me to do, I know that when I get to heaven, God will welcome me in, and say, “You went for it! Well done!


It’s like a parent teaching a child to ride a bike. If they only made it ten feet before falling, the parent wouldn’t say, “You sorry thing, if you would’ve listened to me, you wouldn’t have fallen.” No. They would say, “Wow! That was awesome. You made it ten feet. Try again. You can do it!”


It’s the same with God. He is pulling for you, and He created you for success. And the awesome thing about it is that He is inside you. The Creator of the Universe and His resurrection, miracle-working power is on the inside of YOU!


And just like we know God can do anything, He knows you can do anything. Nothing is impossible with God! (Luke 1:37)