He Will Bless the Work of Your Hands

03/01/17 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Student Life





Have you ever thought, a financial miracle sure would come in handy right now? Wayne did...



Finishing his 2nd year at Charis, Wayne Brooks thought he’d have to stay in Colorado and work through the summer. But during a prosperity class, he heard, “Use every talent the Lord has given you to its fullest…” 


So he called his former boss and inquired about a summer job. Someone had just turned in his notice, enabling Wayne to return to North Carolina and his former HVAC job for the summer.  


On one service call, the homeowner asked about servicing the units during the winter. Wayne explained that he was returning to Charis for his 3rd year in a couple of weeks, but would schedule the service for him. 


When he returned to the same customer’s house the following Friday, the homeowner met him in the driveway…


“He said he and his wife wanted to bless me with my tuition and my rent money! Long story short, they wrote me one check for my complete 3rd year tuition and another for my rent for 9 months! I went to the back of their house and sat down by the air conditioners and wept.” 



That night, Wayne took his wife, Betty, to their favorite restaurant. After ordering, he handed her the checks and explained the events of the day. Overwhelmed with gratitude, she looked at him, and said, “I’m free! I can go with you now!”  


Betty was going to stay in North Carolina and work while Wayne devoted his time to his final year of school.  


“Needless to say, we never ate very much that night! Betty and I just do what’s in our hearts to do, but we never expected anything like this. The Lord sure knows how to bless the work of your hands!” 


And He’s no respecter of persons. What He did for Wayne, He’ll do for you!


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