What Do Sheep Know?

12/27/17 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Based on a Charis Minute with Dr. Creflo Dollar



Have you given much thought to the relationship between sheep and a shepherd?

Sheep know two things:

  1. Sheep know that they don’t know.
  2. Sheep know that the shepherd does know.

The Bible compares us as believers to sheep, and we need to see ourselves as sheep in our relationship to God. God is the Shepherd. Sheep can’t do anything for the Shepherd. 

Many people still believe that there’s something they can do for the Lord. But sheep are committed to the shepherd because the shepherd provides for them—protects, feeds and cares for them and leads them wherever they need to go. The New Covenant is based solely on God’s faithfulness. There's nothing that we can do make God faithful and nothing we can do to keep Him from being faithful. It's about what God has already done to enable us to do what we need to do. 

Now, if you were a general in the army, you might have soldiers willing to fight and die for you, so you might get some benefit from that. But not so with a shepherd. The sheep bring nothing to the table except to totally depend on the shepherd. 

If we can get to the place where we can totally depend on God, our Shepherd, for everything, we will be exactly where God wants us to be—totally dependent on Him and the finished work of Jesus. 

It’s simple if we remember that as “sheep,” we only need to remember those two things—that we don’t know, but God does.

What He has already done for us enables us to do everything that we could ever need or want to do!

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