A Dream without Action Is a Fantasy

12/20/17 at 06:00 AM | Published Under On Campus




Do you have a desire to create wealth and establish God’s kingdom in the earth? 


Stop living in a fantasy world, and start living your destiny!


What are your dreams? You may see yourself as a business executive of a large corporation or the leader of a large ministry. You might just want to run a small business from your home or advance in the job you have.


No matter what dreams you have, they will only be fantasies until you take action! It’s time to make that fantasy a reality by preparing yourself for kingdom success in the marketplace. 


Charis’ Third Year Business School is second to none in training you for kingdom-minded business that benefits God’s kingdom, your employees, the community, and sets an example in the marketplace. You can receive an MBA quality education without the horrendous price tag that usually comes with it.


What Business School students are saying:


“It’s a course that’s probably worth 20 times what you pay for it!”


“I earned my bachelor’s in business back in 2000, and it doesn’t even compare to what I’ve learned here.”


“They’ve been doing this for 20 or 30 years and to have them come in and talk to us about their experience, what they’ve learned along the way. It’s…you can’t even describe it. You have to experience it!”


Learn from experienced entrepreneurial instructors who have walked the walk in the corporate world, dealing with millions of dollars of kingdom wealth on a daily basis. They teach from their own experience and godly principles straight from the Word of God. 


You’ll be given the tools to research, develop, formulate, start, lead, operate and manage a successful business or ministry. Plus, the wealth of knowledge you acquired during your first and second years at Charis will be expounded on and continue to grow.


If you want to turn your dreams into reality, take action! Check out Charis Business School today!


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