How to Be a Water Walker

09/14/16 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

water walker

This blog post was written by president and founder, Andrew Wommack.



It is true that some storms are of our own making. Jonah proved that (Jonah 1-3). Jonah ran from God, encountered a storm while on a ship, was thrown overboard, and wound up in the belly of a fish.

But these disciples were smack dab in the center of God’s will when this storm hit in Matthew 14.

I’m saying all this to point out that you can’t look at circumstances to tell you whether you are in God’s will. You need a word from God. You need an inner witness from the Holy Ghost that what you’re doing is what God told you to do. 

If you don’t have that, it will hinder you from seeing His power manifest in your life. When problems come, you’ll feel condemned and think, I brought this on myself; I deserve it. You need to know, first of all, that you are doing what God told you to do.

Most of these disciples were fishermen on that very lake. I personally believe that the reason Jesus had to constrain them to get into the boat was because they knew that the conditions were ripe for a storm, and they didn’t want to be out on the water. But if they had been thinking about the fact that Jesus had just fed 5,000 people, not including women and children (Matt. 14:15-21), then they would have expected a miracle, because they were only out there at Jesus’ direction. It wasn’t their wisdom. They never would have done this if it were up to them. But in the center of God’s will is where you can hope to see the miraculous!

You see, Jesus was aware of their situation, and He was responsible for them being there. You might be in a situation right now where you are facing absolute disaster financially, physically, emotionally, or in your relationships. Maybe nothing seems to be working. If you are there because of your own rebellion and disobedience to God, then you need to do what Jonah did in the belly of the fish—repent (Jon. 2:1-9). You need to say from your heart, “God, forgive me. I know I’ve been in rebellion toward You, but right now I make a change to follow You again.” Get out of rebellion and get to where you’re submitting to God. He loves you and wants to set you free.

So, are you a Peter or a Jonah?

If you are in the midst of a storm and you know that you are there because you’ve been following God, then you need to recognize that the Lord is responsible for you. Where He guides, He also provides. That’s just a principle of God. Just as Jesus was aware of these disciples’ plight, He is aware of your situation.

God is in the midst of the storm with you, and He’s not there just as an observer. He cares for you more than you could possibly imagine. His power is present to set you free. Instead of expecting defeat, instead of meditating on tragedy, you need to expect a miracle from God. You’ve got to get away from doing everything in the natural and only depending upon God as a last resort. God ought to be your first resort. That’s what my series on How to Become a Water Walker is all about. God has miracles He’s wanting to manifest in your life. The story of Peter walking on the water is power-packed with truths. Walk on top of your problems instead of being overcome by them!


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