Faith and Medication

08/10/16 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Healing





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Carlie Terradez and Daniel Amstutz want to tackle some common, yet challenging healing questions that you have been asking... 

Many people frequently ask questions like: 

  • “If I’m believing God for healing, should I stop taking my medication?” 
  • “Can I get off my prescription in order to prove I am healed?” 
  • “If I keep taking my medication, does that mean I am not standing in faith?”


Watch above and discover real solutions to these challenging questions, as Carlie and Daniel shine light on the topic with responses including:

  1. Have you gotten a personal revelation from God?
  2. Where are you at in your level of believing?
  3. Faith has a corresponding action!
  4. God wants you well!


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