Getting To Charis -- How They Made It!

07/27/16 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Student Life

            Tim & Glori Winders



Making the decision to risk it all and come to Charis Bible College is not always an easy choice for most people. “Where am I going to live?”, “how is it all going to work out?”, etc. are just some of the questions that can flood people’s minds right after they set their heart on coming.

The cool thing is, once students arrive at school, it seems that everyone else also had the same questions and concerns swirling around their heads, and people get to hear story after story of the amazing ways God provided for their fellow classmates! 

In the midst of all the transition, these moments and stories bond students together in a special way. They remember that God Himself is the one who called each person there, and He is working in each person’s life in different ways to bring what He has planted in their hearts to pass. Comfort and faith are ignited as they realize they are all in this together and embark on a life-changing journey of sitting under the Word every day! 

Tim and Glori Winders have such a story. We hope that their journey encourages you today!

Three years prior to Tim and Glori attending their first year at Charis, they heard the Lord tell them to sell or give everything away. The only instruction they received after that was to visit some friends in Woodland Park, Colorado. Through a few divine connections, they found themselves sitting in on a class at Charis and not even 15 minutes had gone by when they both realized they were supposed to apply for school! 

Tim and Glori wanted to make sure they had the correct timing, so they traveled around like nomads for two years before attending their first year. Having no money, no home and no money coming in made the thought of moving to Colorado for school very challenging in the natural but they were learning to live in His rest and believe Him for provision. 

Having only generated $17 in income in the first three months that year and with $200 in the bank, they felt led to attend Campus Days 2015.

The Lord confirmed that they were to attend school that fall, so they paid their deposit, and that was it. From that point on, the Lord brought multiple revenue streams that continued to grow and enabled them to have all their needs met as well as be able to help others!

When asked what their favorite parts about first year were, they replied, “Four hours a day, five days a week of just sitting and soaking in the Word of God. Plus, being in a room full of other people that are seeking the Lord just like we are. The views of Pikes Peak are not bad either!” 


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