Charis Online Student Ministers Healing--It Really Works!

06/15/16 at 08:00 PM | Published Under Student Life

Jeffrey Ball



Jeffrey Ball is the owner of a construction company, but more than that, he has discovered that he truly is a child of God.

As a young man, Jeffrey found himself angry about the death of his father,  and he walked awayJeffrey Ball from God. He eventually discovered Andrew Wommack on a little AM radio station called WAEC.

“I started listening in my car every morning. I said, ‘God you are either who my father told me you are or you’re not.” Jeffrey began to listen to the station every morning on his way to work. He started believing God would heal people through him. 

One day, Jeffrey stepped out and prayed for a man at work who had cancer on his face:

“I told him, ‘The Lord loves you. If he loves me, he loves you. He had a spot on his face. The Lord told me to tell him it was cancer. I had never done this before, but I laid hands on him and spoke, ‘Cancer be gone in Jesus’ name.’”

Just days later, Jeffrey saw the man again. This time, the spot on his face was gone!

The man told him that after Jeffrey prayed for him, the spot scabbed over, dried up and fell of his face. Jeffrey was so excited as he thought, “This really works!” 

This started Jeffrey Ball on an exciting journey of finding his true destiny! God has continued to instruct him and guide him to the hurting and the broken. He shares, “God truly uses vessels that are broken. The amazing thing about Andrew’s teaching is that it is so powerful and real. I would encourage anyone to try it. Andrew says if your life is not working, just believe what Andrew is teaching. My wife and I go to bed every night [listening] to Andrew. I would encourage anybody to follow it, listen and learn.” 

One way to do this is through Charis Bible College’s Online Program. Like thousands of others, Jeffrey’s life has been completely changed by the truths shared through Andrew Wommack and Charis Bible College.

Jeffrey shares his thoughts on Charis Bible College Online:

“Even though you are not at the campus, you are still involved. Involved with God’s Word, involved with the instructors and involved with other students.

You connect with other people from all over the place, so get connected with Charis Bible College online. It will do some awesome things in your life. You won’t regret it.”


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