Startling Statistics about Christian Graduates on Campus

06/01/16 at 09:07 AM | Published Under Student Life

Startling Statistics about Christian Graduates 

Every godly parent or guardian desires to prepare their children to have happy, successful lives.

A secular college or university can prepare them for a career, but here are some startling statistics…

  • 90% of youth who are active in church drop out of church by their sophomore year of college.
  • 72% of college faculty members describe themselves as politically liberal.
  • 70% of Christian youth will completely abandon their faith!

Why? Many young adults who go to a secular college or university immediately after high school find themselves totally unprepared for the decisions and temptations they are bombarded with from every direction. 

The choices they make will set the course for their entire lives. 

They need to be prepared to make godly choices before they are even subjected to temptation. A solid foundation in the Word of God and knowing their identity in Christ will prepare them for LIFE!

Bible College before a secular college or university could be the game-changer for their lives. It just might be the perfect next step.

At Charis, students are taught the Word of God, but they also learn to hear the voice of the Lord for themselves. And when you have a direct line to the Source of All Life, nothing is impossible! It is absolutely vital in today’s society.

“This is a college that God has ordained and established for the purpose of launching an entire generation into the world—to change the world and to change the way that it sees Him.” —Parent of Charis graduate


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Charis Bible College was the most pivotal point in my life. Now I know I can change the world!
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