What to do when healing doesn't manifest?

05/18/16 at 08:48 AM | Published Under Healing

Have you been standing for your healing for a long time, yet haven’t seen it manifest?

With the Healing Is Here conference coming up, Daniel Amstutz and Carlie Terradez take some time to answer some of the harder questions about healing.

Watch as Daniel and Carlie share an in-depth session of how to receive your healing when you are battle weary and worn. 

In this episode, they reveal solutions such as:

  • Realize that Jesus has been touched with our infirmities, and He cares!
  • Be honest with yourself about your level of belief, and go deeper in the Word!
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you places in your heart where your identity (who you are and what you do) has become wrapped up in your sickness. 

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