Getting Ready to Come to Charis

04/27/16 at 06:00 AM | Published Under On Campus by Catalyst Support
Getting Ready to Come to Charis



Woodland Park Campus People come from all over the world to attend Charis Bible College. And let’s face it, moving can be stressful—even if you’re only moving across town!

Here are some practical suggestions to help you prepare for your move and hopefully save you time, money and anxiety.


  • Look for work online.
    • God is our provider, but He doesn’t rain money down from the sky! There is no shortage of work in the area—if you are willing to work. Many students are able to secure a job online—even before they get here. 
    • Helpful Tip: Don’t be too proud to take a job that is not your normal line of work or ‘below your paygrade.’ God will bless whatever we put our hands to! There are some helpful resources listed in our Housing Guide and at


  • Find suitable housing.
    • Charis doesn’t currently offer dormitory housing, so students are responsible for finding their own housing. We've put together a Housing Guide to help you in your search. Take advantage of this useful tool as you prepare for this life-changing step! 
    • Helpful Tip: Unless you are ready and able to purchase a home and know that you are going to settle here permanently, remember that this is a temporary situation. Find housing that supplies your basic needs and is well within your budget. 


  • Have a storehouse for God to bless.
    • “The LORD shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses…” But He can’t if you don’t have one! If at all possible, save up a couple of months of living expenses (including your tuition) to get you by until you find a job and the paychecks begin. 


  • Be still and know that He is God!
    • When we stress and try to make things happen, it becomes very difficult to hear God’s voice. Spend time in the stillness of His presence and listen! And if you find yourself in a stressful or confusing situation, and you don’t know what to do—take a PRAISE BREAK! Thank Him for the direction He’s revealing to you, and know that no matter how big your problem is—GOD IS BIGGER!


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