Business & The Kingdom

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Business & The Kingdom



Being in “full-time ministry" is not just for church and ministry leaders. If you are a Christian, you are a full-time minister of the Gospel.

The only difference is that some people (statistically 4% of the body of Christ) are called to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry” and receive a pay check from a church!

Business School We need to boldly affect those around us—no matter where we are or what we are doing. Every moment is an opportunity to shine and share the love of God, not just when we are “off the clock” or volunteering for a church function or outreach. 

Someone once said, “All of my children are in full-time ministry, and none of them work in a church.” What a paradigm shift! They know they are ministers and are using their careers to advance the Kingdom. And God’s Kingdom is not limited to a church building!

He is raising up entrepreneurs and business professionals because business is a vehicle for discipleship and expanding His Kingdom! Get out of the box, be who God has called you to be and release the Kingdom—wherever you are!

Charis Business School currently has 70 students from their late teens to their late 60’s. It is empowering students to take on the business arena and make a difference! Check out these experiences of current students. 

Rose Romain

Rose Romain, from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, completed 1st year via correspondence then moved to Woodland Park for 2nd year and 3rd year Ministry School. During the Minister’s Conference, she heard God say, “Go to Business School. I have a business plan for you and will show you what to do.” Being a physician, Rose knew nothing about business, but the school exposed her to things she didn’t even know she needed to know! After school, Rose will follow her vision from the Lord—opening a restaurant in Haiti to equip women and disciple people. Her vision goes far beyond just the restaurant. “It’s just a starting place!” 


For Rebekah Schultz of Huntsville, Alabama, Andrew’s teachingRebekah Shultz answered many questions, coming from a more religious system. Desiring a firm foundation and to make life-long connections, she knew business school would expand her knowledge and skills for use in her current cleaning business. “Business school has covered everything from how to formulate a business plan to accounting. After school, I’ll continue growing my company, eventually sell it and delve into other business ventures. I want to equip my employees to thrive and know how powerful they are in Christ, and apply everything I’m learning to my business—now and the ones to come.”

Samuel AhumuzaSamuel Ahumuza, from Kampala, Uganda, finished two years of Charis in Uganda before coming to Business School in Woodland Park. Sam says, “I came because I realized this is where I could be trained to have an impact. Foreign help is fine, but I want to see locals empowered and our people taking advantage of local resources.” Sam wants to learn as much as he can, structure a viable business plan, then return to Uganda and implement it right away. “The school has taught me how to take action.” Sam’s business plan—building a commercial farm to produce food on a large scale—will provide opportunities for locals to earn a wage while learning farming skills they can use on their own farms. 


Business Student  
The Third Year Business School will teach you how to make your Vision or Dream a reality. A Dream without action is a fantasy. Stop living in a fantasy world today and start living your destiny! Learn more about Business School today!