Sickness Is Illegal - Kyle Graham Healing Story

03/16/16 at 06:07 AM | Published Under Healing by Catalyst Support

 Sickness Is Illegal - Kyle Graham's Healing Story



This blog was written by Charis student, Kyle Graham from Charis Bible College Colorado


Any kind of sickness is literally illegal in the Kingdom of God… 

Realizing this will spark a fire in your bones! Jesus paid the price with His blood to heal us of all our sicknesses and all our diseases—not just the big ones like cancer or blindness. 

This isn’t something to suddenly feel condemned about, but rather a joyful renewing of the mind and a happy receiving of a great gift that  has already been paid for!

Kyle & Brittni

All it takes to get rid of a lie and an expectation that is keeping you trapped—is knowing the truth.

Check out Kyle’s testimony of living and expecting horrendous sinus infections his entire life before he said, “Enough is enough,” and began to renew his mind. 

“All my life, I always had terrible sinuses. Every winter, I would get 4-8 terrible sinus infections — no exaggeration.

It would start with a burning sensation in my nose and turn into a terrible sore throat so painful I could barely swallow. My nose and sinuses would be completely blocked. It would last about 2 weeks, and often, I would recover for a week, and it would start again. I could hardly function at work or school. 


My Dad has had the same problems, so I just assumed that our family had weak sinuses. I began to just expect it to happen every year. 

But in the summer of 2014, I started to dig into God’s Word, and get a revelation of His love. I downloaded and listened to Andrew Wommack’s teachings and found out I had believed many lies of the enemy. I corrected those, and since then, I’ve had only one sinus infection! And that one was when I was still learning. This year, I’ve had none!

I realized that sickness was something Jesus gave me authority over, and I didn’t have to live with it anymore.

It is a great thing to receive healing from God for a sickness; but it is a greater thing to learn to live in divine health through the promises of Jesus!”  


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