From Classmates to Business Partners

11/30/16 at 06:01 AM | Published Under Student Life by Phil Cuilty




Our third-year schools are not only designed to teach and inform but to equip our students with the skills and tools they need to actually launch into their calling after graduating! 

Check out how these alumni have done just that after Business School! 

Business School

Tyrell, Walter, Austin and David all graduated from Charis around the same time. Though theycame from different areas, Texas, North Carolina, Wyoming, their reasons for attending Charis were very similar—to know Jesus better and to be equipped to walk out the calling on their lives

I learned so much while at Charis, but something that has stuck with me was learning that Jesus is my provider in every aspect of life.” —Austin 

During my time at Charis, I discovered exactly what the Lord wanted me to do and received practical instruction during third year on how to do it.” —Walter 

The biggest thing that was imparted to me was that Jesus is amazingly in love with me, and there is nothing I can do to change it. That truth sets me free to go after the desires that He has put in my heart in an unhindered fashion.” —Tyrell

Charis imparted to me my true identity in Christ, which has enabled me to walk in and out of both ministry and business without fear.” —David 

In addition to their initial reasons for coming to Charis, all of these men have another thing in common—a strong desire to fund the Kingdom of God! This is what took them “from classmates to business partners”. 

Business School

We all have a desire to fund the Kingdom and work in real estate. After a few divine appointments  our team got together, did a lot of planning and research, and started a real estate company. Several of us have transitioned out of our full-time jobs and moved into full-time real estate. As a team, we are striving for our dreams of creating abundance in real estate to dramatically change this city through abundant giving and influence. We came together with the same heart, and that’s what has kept us together. I love working with these guys and their families!” 


If you feel there is a call on your life for business, creative arts, media, ministry, missions, governmentworship or leadership, come be trained and equipped to practically walk out all that God has put in your heart!

Put your dreams into action. Divine appointments and life-long connections await you! Discover your destiny. Prepare to live it!



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