Hear What All the Buzz is About!

11/23/16 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Student Life




The halls and classrooms of The Sanctuary in Woodland Park are buzzing with the sound of lives being transformed by the Word of God with this school year in full swing.

It’s the sound of faith, healing, provision, miracles, unconditional love and grace—the sound of students being prepared for all that God has for them.It’s exciting, and it’s so tangible that you can actually HEAR THE BUZZ!

Here is what some of it sounds like…


“All my life, I did not like school. This is the first time in my life that I wake up every morning and can’t wait to get here! The love of God is becoming more and more real to me. It’s like being in heaven on earth!” 

—Caron - Knoxville, TN - First Year Student


“I wasn't actually interested in Charis at all. I wanted to study law at a Christian College. But then I annacame up here and was in praise and worship on a Monday morning, and it felt like home. Never had a place ever felt like home before. That fall, I got to come to Charis. In fact, I had a grandparent pay for my tuition. God just totally opened up doors for me to be here!” 

—Anna - Amarillo, TX - Third Year Student


 “During my first year, I had an experience with God during worship. He said, “Drew, what has beendrew in your heart to do this whole time? When you realize what it is, follow it.” As soon as He spoke that, I knew that it was film and music. I took a year off after I graduated, but then it was really on my heart to come and be part of the creative arts school. So far, it’s been incredible. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone for sure, but it has helped me grow.”

—Drew - Colorado Springs, CO - Third Year Creative Arts Student


“I heard about Charis about a year ago. I had been dealing with a really, really intense illness. I wasjonathan in a really dark spot. I thought God was the one that inflicted the illness on me, and I had to somehow fast enough, pray enough, and do enough for God to believe that I deserved to be well. Then I heard about Andrew, and I realized that there was nothing I could do to deserve my healing but believe on Christ. Charis has been such a blessing. I’m learning to see God as my provider in everything. Not just finances or healing but everything—every single aspect of my life.”

—Jonathan - Santa Cruz, CA - First Year Student


“I love the people so much. I was very insecure before coming out here and seeing so much love katie between everybody—whether friends or strangers. That’s helped me to open up and be able to focus completely on other people and have God’s love flow through me, and receive it from others. It’s just the greatest atmosphere I have ever been in!”

—Katie - Wisconsin - Second Year Student


It’s one thing to HEAR ABOUT THE BUZZ, but it’s another to EXPERIENCE IT! It’s not too late. Winter term begins November 28th. So register now, and EXPERIENCE THE BUZZ, FIRSTHAND!

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