Did Jesus ever meet a homosexual?

01/27/16 at 04:07 PM | Published Under Charis Staff

Did jesus ever meet?The Old Testament covers many areas of sin which were confronted by Jesus.



This post was written by Charis guest instructor, Bob Yandian.

All of these sins are well covered in the Law of Moses. So if homosexuality, lesbianism, and incest are also presented as capital offenses by Moses (Leviticus 18:20), why did Jesus not mention these or teach on them during His earthly ministry as well?

Did Jesus ever meet a homosexual? Some of His major teachings centered on how to set and keep them free.

The New Testament clearly teaches that homosexuality is a sin.

Paul presents the downward progression of sin in those who reject the gospel in Romans, chapter one.

The Holy Spirit opens the section on homosexuality and lesbianism with the word “uncleanness.” Uncleanness is attached to sins of moral or sexual impurity in the New Testament. 

The problem with sexual perversion is not just the actions, but the thoughts guiding them. Sexual and moral impurity begins in our thoughts long before it ever manifests as evil deeds. If Satan can gain the thoughts, he can possess the life.  

The time in which Jesus lived was no different from Moses’ or ours today. The problems never change—nor does the answer. Jesus has always been mankind’s Deliverer.

Love for people is the very reason Jesus was sent into this earth to bring redemption. The work of the cross is not only to make you free, but to keep you free. It is possible to come out of any sin—permanently.

If you are caught in homosexuality, lesbianism or some other sexual sin, you can be free. 

God has provided everything that you need through His Word—even deliverance from the lusts of this world (Second Peter 1:3-4). You can be confident that God has made a way for you to be totally free!


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