Are you ready to give up?

09/21/15 at 08:33 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Ministers' Conference 2015

Dear Pastor and Ministry Friends,

Jamie and I are getting blessed just thinking about being together with you again at the Ministers’ Conference in October.  This will be our second time to meet in the Barn Auditorium at the Sanctuary in Woodland Park… Such a magnificent place dedicated to the glory of God.  The third year ministry students at Charis Bible College are excited too, knowing that God will use them to be a part of your refreshing. 

In fact, one of the prayer ministers who will help us this year told me a story that I want to share with you:

"Lord, I can't go on.  I just can't do this anymore.  It's been so hard for so long.  I quit!  Today is Sunday and unless You send me a miracle, I am resigning as Senior Pastor on Monday."

Those were the words of Elena, pastor of an established church in Salinas, Ecuador.  She went on to say:

“I arrived at church that Sunday as usual… distraught, despondent and defeated... but, of course, I couldn't show it.  No one knew about my decision to quit the ministry, not even my husband.”

Let me pause in this story to ask you as a minister, Have you ever felt discouraged?  Burdened with the care of the Church... Ready To Quit?

Jamie and I remember those feelings from years gone by.  You're not alone.  A recent BARNA study shows 1500 pastors a month leave the ministry.  70% are so stressed or burnt-out, they regularly feel like quitting: and 35-40% do quit.  Being a Pastor makes you a target for the enemy.  He is out to kill, steal and destroy the work of God in your life!

But God does "miracles" for Pastors, as you are about to see.  Let’s return to this testimony.

Pastor Elena continued:

“Thankfully, I didn't have to preach that Sunday, because a Mission Team of Charis Bible College students from Colorado were visiting, and they were doing the entire Sunday service.  At the close, the CBC Mission Team asked our congregation to come up and receive prayer for any need they had.  I watched as person after person was instantly healed.  

“As I took all this in, one of the CBC Prayer Ministers came to me and asked if she could pray for me.  I was shocked!  No one had ever asked to pray for me before.  I was always the one doing the ministering.  Without a moment of hesitation, the word ‘Yes’ came out of my mouth. 

“The student said, ‘What would you like Jesus to do for you?’  All I could say was, ‘I need lots of help.’ 

She prayed in tongues briefly, and then said ‘Fire of the Holy Spirit Come!’... And I dropped to the floor like a stone.   

“I don't know how long I lay there, but when I arose, everything had changed!  All my burdens were gone!  I was laughing and crying at the same time.  No more pain.  I felt Joy.  I felt Peace.  I felt LOVED as never before! 

“After the CBC Team finished praying for everyone, I said to them, ‘This morning, I told God I was quitting the ministry unless He gave me a miracle... You CBC Missions Team are my miracle!’”

Later that week, Pastor Elena and her husband attended a Pastors Conference in Ecuador where the CBC Mission Team was ministering.  Pastor Elena told the woman who had prayed for her: 

 "The miracle that began Sunday has continued to expand all week!  On Monday, we received a large unexpected check in the mail, relieving financial burdens.  On Tuesday, my college-bound daughter, job-hunting without success, got an excellent job that covers the cost for new clothes and all her personal needs for college (which we did not have the money to pay for).  Then my teenage son, who had been mocking me and his father for serving God, apologized.  He had seen the changes in me and these sudden financial blessings, and he said, ‘OK, mama, OK...I see and I believe.  God is good!’ 

This illustrates what is waiting for you at the Ministers’ Conference.  God wants to wrap you in His arms and remind you that He is the God of Miracles for Pastors too!   

Do you need a miracle?  Jamie and I have a special place in our hearts for pastors.  We remember how tough ministry can be.  That's why we host an annual AWM Ministers' Conference. It’s one of the highlights of our year!  Please accept this personal invitation to be with us at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado, September 28th – October 3-7, 2016. 

Relax and enjoy four days soaking in the tangible presence of the Lord in the beauty of Pike's Peak.  Let your spirit soar in the high Praise and Worship with Charlie and Jill LeBlanc.  Let your mind be renewed in the Word, with myself, Jesse Duplantis, Bob Yandian, Bob Nichols and Duane Sheriff.  Let your soul be refreshed and your body healed… Let the Holy Spirit minister to your every need in this atmosphere of the Glory of God.  And request prayer from our Prayer Ministers – you’ll receive your miracle!

Register Today!  The AWM Ministers' Conference is free of charge—our gift to you—but advance registration is required.  Register here.

For more information, call Andrew Wommack Ministries Helpline at 719-635-1111.

Hope to see you in October! 


Andrew and Jamie Wommack

P.S.  God knows the cry of your heart even now. He is preparing a divine encounter with His love at the Conference this year.  What He did for Pastor Elena is just a foretaste of what He will do for you.  

Friends in Full-time Ministry: Join us this year and experience it for yourself.  Don't risk being a "casualty" of the ministry.  Come be encouraged, nourished and renewed… and Expect Miracles!  We see them here every day, and we will agree with you for yours.