America: A Christian Nation?

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Is America a Christian Nation?John Adams was a leader among the Founding Fathers who directed the birth and establishment of America as an independent nation.


David Barton at Charis Bible CollegeThis blog post was written by David Barton, guest lecturer at Charis Bible College. 

Four decades afterward, reflecting back over what he had personally seen and experienced, he declared, “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were…the general principles of Christianity.”

Subsequent generations routinely reaffirmed what Adams had declared, including South Carolina governor James Hammond, who, in 1844, publicly described America as a Christian nation. Across four centuries of American history, there have been literally thousands of declarations about America being a Christian nation. 

Yet today, few offenses will subject an individual to greater public derision than repeating what John Adams, James Hammond, and hundreds of other American leaders said.

Five categories of evidence demonstrate the historical basis for their pronouncements: (1) declarations from the Executive Branch, (2) colonial charters and governments, (3) acts during the Revolutionary Era, (4) acts of the Legislative Branch, and (5) declarations and rulings from the Judicial Branch.

All five categories affirm that America was founded as and continues to operate as a Christian nation.

The best antidote to the current secular progressive revisionist claim that America is not a Christian nation is for citizens to (1) study and know for themselves America’s history as a Christian nation and (2) share that truth with others.

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David Barton
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