Christians and Politics

06/24/15 at 01:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Christians and Politics



This post was written by Charis President and Founder, Andrew Wommack.

Andrew Wommack on Campus

An emotional, heartfelt desire to see Christian ideals represented in our government has led to the creation of a myth.

That myth says this: Christians will lose their religious freedoms unless they become actively involved in the political process. But is that true?

It is easy to see that politics has not solved our real problems. At best, many social ills have been staved off a little longer, but the moral fabric of America appears to be unraveling at an alarming rate.

Does that mean we are doomed? It does—if we believe the government can do what only the church has been called to do.

Our form of government was never intended to change society; morality cannot be produced through legislation.

Once we cease to win the hearts of people, it is inevitable that ungodly people will make their way into leadership and take the country with them.

It’s good to pursue legal action and political means to right wrongs. But the Gospel has more power to change people’s hearts than all the military might and legislative bodies of any government.

The Apostle Paul lived in one of the most immoral and politically corrupt societies that the world has ever known, yet he advocated no political action. Instead, he told the Christians to submit to government (Rom. 13) and pray for those in authority (1 Tim. 2:1-4).

The way to win this war and save the political character of our nation is to use the Gospel to change the moral character of its people.



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