Spanish Ministry at Dallas School

05/20/15 at 01:00 AM | Published Under On Campus

Charis Spanish MinistryCharis Bible College World Outreach is establishing Charis Bible Colleges across the globe in order to go into all the nations and disciple. But what does that look like exactly?


It looks like the message of the Gospel of Christ being preached all over the world! Part of reaching the nations of the world is in translating Charis materials into other languages.

The first-year curriculum has already been translated into Spanish, with twenty-two out of the thirty-nine courses completed. As Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world, this is no small task that will forever change the future of Charis Bible College. But with seventeen more courses to go, we’re still not done yet and have many more languages to go! 

Charis Dallas TeamAt our Dallas campus, the students started a food drive and collected canned goods and groceries to feed fifteen needy Latin families at a local church. In each sack was food, a $25 gift certificate, and a book by Andrew Wommack that was in both English and Spanish.

The Dallas team went to the Spanish-speaking church, pastored by one of their students, to deliver the gifts and pray for the families. Word must have spread, because people started coming to the Dallas campus from everywhere, wanting prayer.

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