God Glorified in Ecuador

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Baby raised from the dead in Ecuador

“We heard dogs barking and a woman scream, intensifying with every moment. Three of the hotel employees went out the back door as we followed them, believing someone was being mauled by a pack of dogs.”

 This past February, Charis alumni Mickey Cartagena led a team of second-year students to Ecuador with the intent of glorifying God and witnessing to His people. However, the way in which this would happen was still unclear until now.

“What we found was a man holding a limp baby in the road and a woman screaming and wailing on the ground,” explains Mickey. “It became obvious that her baby was dead.”

Immediately, the team sprang into action—some comforting the hysteric mother and others speaking over the baby. One of the students named Donna held the baby in her arms.

With his eyes glazed over, she reached up to close them when she heard God say, “You only close the eyes of the dead.”

So instead, she commanded the baby to blink, and he did.

The baby is alive!She kissed his forehead and cheek and commanded him to blink again. He blinked! Donna began to exclaim, “He’s alive! He is breathing!”

Later that day, Anna showed up in the lobby of their hotel with her healthy baby boy, Hosea, and husband, Santiago. They relayed the whole story of how their baby had fallen off the bed and cracked his head on the concrete floor. Anna had found him unresponsive and not breathing, running out into the alley to find the police. It was at this point that the Charis team had come on the scene.

Charis Missions TeamAnna and Santiago brought baby Hosea to the church service with the team that night, where they shared their story.That service was filled with expectancy, and the team saw a tremendous response from the audience.

God was glorified in Ecuador!



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