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12/30/15 at 06:31 AM | Published Under On Campus

The Best of 2015As one year comes to a close and a brand new one begins, we take a look at all the best things from 2015!
Determined by your responses, click any link to read the Charis blog posts that were the BEST OF 2015!

It was time for a change!6. She knew it was time for a change! “I came to Charis with the idea that if I didn’t like it after three months, I would leave,” said Charis Bible College student, Misoa Andris. See how her life-changing experience turned three months into three years!

5. Transformed by the Word! See how it transformed Mark Jones, “car dealer” into Mark Jones, “victorious in Christ!”

4. Learn HOW TO GET “THERE.” Elijah, just like every believer, had a place called “there”—a place of God’s provision for every season of life. Find out from Charis president and founder, Andrew Wommack, how you can get “there!” 

3. After the last bell, Jessica Ketchum, caught the Holy Spirit invading the darkness in the streets of Germany! At that moment she knew what she was “born to do!”

2. Charis Mission to Croatia changed the lives of 245 people in Croatia and Hungary with the love of Christ—forever! Charis students made an eternal difference by showing His love to all they encountered and left a trail of His goodness across Europe.

1. Miracles made easy—they are a piece of cake for Jesus! At the realization that God’s promises covered every detail of her life and that she didn’t have to live with second best any longer, Carlie Terradez shouted, “I believe it!” Then tested her faith…



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