Our modern-day heroes

01/21/15 at 01:00 AM | Published Under Missions

“These ministers have left everything that is familiar to them for the sake of Christ. I believe they are modern-day heroes. They deserve our support.”

—Andrew Wommack

What is a hero? A hero is someone with enough conviction to act on what they believe is right. They are people who take a stand. Heroes also make sacrifices for the greater good, and they do this for the sake of other people. 

Our directors, our heroes, make sacrifices everyday, every year! Tommy Rhodes, director of our Raleigh/Durham school, gave up the financial security of two jobs and a real estate business to start an extension school.  

People tried to discourage Carrie Pickett, who became the director of our Russia school, saying that she was too young, needed a husband, and did not know the language. She stood firm with her conviction, knowing that she wanted to do what God had for her. “It was a walk of faith. For many years it was difficult,” Carrie says. 

Directors overseas also sacrifice their creature comforts, such as safe roads, clean drinking water, stable electricity, and sanitation. Our modern day heroes

So, why do they do this? Simply because God called them, and they want to make a stand in their convictions of the importance of the Gospel. They are being obedient. 

Even though Carrie Pickett has sacrificed so much, she does go on to say, “The sacrifice is nothing because the fruit is so worth it!”

Charis World Outreach funds establishing Charis Bible Colleges to go into all the nations and disciple.

Charis World Outreach funds the starting of schools and the cost of maintenance, which can be $20,000-$50,000 a year for one school alone!

Many schools are in existence because of the gifts that Charis World Outreach friends and partners give.  

World Outreach CharisBut the demand for schools is great. Each year, new schools are planned to meet the requests Charis World Outreach gets from all around the world! Unfortunately, the funds in Charis World Outreach have not grown to meet the demand. 

When you give to Charis World Outreach, as another one of our directors says, “you are sowing seeds to seepeople’s lives changed all around the world.”

Our heroes in Charis World Outreach have sacrificed their finances, security, and comforts for the Gospel. Would you make a financial sacrifice of a gift to Charis World Outreach, to show them your support?

By giving to Charis World Outreach, you are making a stand for the Gospel. You are partnering with our heroes and becoming one yourself! As Director Carrie Pickett says, “$50 can supply 40 books in Russia Your gift counts!”Charis books translated into Russian

Jesus said, “No greater love has any man than this, that he lay down his life for his brothers” (John 15:13). We are thankful for your sacrifice to bless others. 

Give to Charis World Outreach