20 years and counting

09/03/14 at 03:25 PM | Published Under Events

Praising God for a new year! Anticipation fills the air as 1,300 students, teachers and visitors fill the seats of the Barn for the inaugural day of the 2014 school year and the 20th anniversary celebration of Charis Bible College.

20th Anniversary at CharisWow, I think. Charis Colorado is almost bursting at the seams!   

The roar of God’s people shouting their praise and declaring triumph over their circumstances is nearly deafening ringing through the rafters. We’ve all gathered for one purpose; to obey God’s command and pursue a deeper relationship with Him and His Word.

My heart swells with joy and hope for the coming year. I’m also humbled at God’s attention to the details of our lives. Today feels like a new beginning.

Andrew Wommack on Campus

An attitude of praise lingers as the college's founder, Andrew Wommack, takes the stage to resounding applause. He speaks about hope – encouraging us to remain diligent and focused on what God has brought us here for.

He says, “Everyone has a place called ‘There’….You are There. Do what God tells you to do – and there will be your supply.” He cautions us against allowing doubt and circumstance to get in the way of our dreams. “Keep the hope God put in your heart always in front of you.”

This is a celebration – a new beginning for us. Students are saying:

  • Being here is such a tremendous relief…for the first time in my life I made a life changing decision that was correct! ~Michael Moore, retired military 
  • This is life changing! I am just going through life doing God’s will. ~Kevin Vail
  • It took us 3 years to get here due to VISA problems…we are ready! ~Gerald and Emmanuelle Irwin 
  • I enjoy the atmosphere at Charis. The presence of the Lord is certainly here. ~Enrique de la Vega
  • I’m overwhelmed and excited to grow! ~David McCluree 

It’s going to be an awesome year! 

This post was written by Charis Second Year student, Chris

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