A place called THERE

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Bryan found his place

“God, what else do you want?!” Bryan Nutman cried out.

“I walked away from my business—at your Word. My house is on the market—at your word. Now what? Are you going to leave me in this place?”

Returning to the Lord after 26 years of playing the prodigal son, Bryan Nutman gave up everything to follow Him. But in 2011, God began the process of giving back. Responding to his mother’s plea to visit Charis Days at the West Midlands campus in Walsall, England, Bryan said, “I had nothing else to do; nothing else to lose. So I went.”

While at Charis Days, God began speaking to Bryan from Galatians chapter one. Bryan felt God telling him that he needed to set aside three years to prepare for his calling at Charis Bible College. “I’d given up everything else,” Bryan recalled, “why not the next three years.” So Bryan began making plans to attend Charis-Walsall, until God spoke up…

“Bryan,” He said, “Go to the source.”

“What?! God the ‘source’ is America.” Bryan knew he was losing his mind.

Why would God tell him to leave his business, sell his house, give up three years of his life, say goodbye to everyone and everything he’d ever know, and move his family halfway across the world? It just didn’t make sense.

Bryan and Sue with Andrew WommackBut God confirmed His Word. Even Bryan’s wife said, “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to move the kids and find new schools. But I know it’s right. God told me we’re to be ‘built up and equipped for what’s next.

Nearly a year later, after enduring Visa rejections and a canceled sales contract on their house in England, Bryan’s family went looking for their place called There in America. On student visas (with no income), responsible for his wife, kids, and two dogs, Bryan had to trust God in a completely new way. But God proved Himself faithful!

For nearly three years, God supernaturally met the needs of the Nutman family day-by-day. “It was like coming out of the land of Egypt,” Bryan recalled. 

Now a third-year graduate, Bryan says he wouldn’t trade his time at Charis for anything.

God restored Bryan's family while at Charis“God restored my family, He helped us make the necessary separations from our old life, and He supernaturally helped us become debt-free!” 

Although still unsure of the extent of God’s plan, Bryan has learned to recognize His voice. “’Your time here is not done,’” God said to me before 3rd Year graduation. So we’re in the process of modifying our visas to allow us to stay in this country. God is already opening doors for us to begin ministering in both Colorado Springs and Woodland Park.

"I don’t know everything He has planned, but in this one thing I am confident—God is faithful to His Word."

"If it is His will, then it is His bill. I will not try to limit Him with my way of thinking or doing. God has proven Himself faithful to me. The only way I can fail is to give up. I will not give up.”



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