Growing in confidence

08/06/14 at 01:06 AM | Published Under On Campus

 Christ grows in his confidence

Chris was not very confidentChris started playing the Bass Guitar at an early age because he wanted to join the band at his church in Florida. After Chris began playing, he realized he wasn’t very confident on stage. 

Although Chris never imagined he would be a part of a full-time worship band, he desired to become a better musician, so he made the decision to attend Charis’ Third-Year Worship Arts School. 

His experience was life changing. The opportunity allowed him to learn more about music, and also become more confident  in his relationship with God. He developed some close friendships while attending CBC; friends who still pray with him and over him regularly.  

Chris is thankful for the amazing faculty, who not only teach students how to worship, but are worshipers themselves.

Chris and Charis Team“They live each and everyday in an attitude of worship. In everything that they do, they honor God,” Chris said. “They truly have shown me how to live a lifestyle of worship.”

Chris is confident!


Chris started out playing with the Charis Worship Team once a week, and today, he travels all over the United States playing with the Charis team. He has become an integral part of the band, and is one of the only bass players.

Chris went from thinking he didn’t belong on the praise and worship team, to being confident and peaceful in his calling—all thanks to Charis’ Third-Year Ministry Training program!



Worship Arts School at CharisWant to grow in a lifestyle of worship?

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