Healing is Here: Touching the Multitudes

08/27/14 at 01:00 AM | Published Under Events

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People from all over the world are heading home without their crutches, walkers, glasses, braces, and handicap-parking permits!

Charis Bible College’s first “Healing is Here” conference received such overwhelming response, event coordinators are already planning for next year.

Carlie Terradez at Healing is Here 2014This conference was bigger and more amazing than anyone envisioned. To think it was only conceived four months ago, yet received greater response than any other Charis-hosted event, just goes to show how great the Church’s need for healing is. -Carlie Terradez, event coordinator

With nearly 3000 attendees from all over the world (including live-streamers), this powerful four-day event changed the way participants viewed their relationship with God.

When asked what they learned/received from “Healing is Here”, people said:

  • I’ve been a Christian for years, but I’ve never heard teaching like this.
  • I can hear from God, myself.
  • I always thought God healed people as a testimony to others, but now I understand God provides for me because of His love for me.
  • I’m healed! 
  • I didn’t know God would use me.
  • My body is FULL of the Holy Spirit—there’s no room for sickness to stay!

Healing is Here Multitudes

Utilizing Andrew Wommack’s teaching You’ve Already Got It and material from Charis Bible College’s Prayer Minister Training course, “Healing is Here” broke through religious tradition to teach participants how to receive healing from God and minister that healing to others by operating in the gifts of the Spirit. Taking what they learned to the streets, participants reported people being saved, healed, and baptized in the Spirit! 

According to conference reports, hundreds of people were healed, 170 were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and seven were saved.

When asked about this unusual response, event coordinators simply pointed to the Word of God. “Faith works by love,” they said, “when we understand how much God loves us, it’s easy for us to receive.” 

Scott praying for someone

Healing is Here FlashdriveHealing is Here 2014 Night Sessions
Recorded live at the 2014 Healing is Here Conference, this flash drive contains all four evening sessions in audio and video files. Be healed and set free as you listen to teaching by Andrew Wommack, Barry Bennett, Duane Sheriff and Greg Mohr. 
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