Does life seem pointless?

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After six years of retirement, my husband and I had traveled to every state, several foreign countries and had built a cabin on a Tennessee mountain ridge. Sounds exciting, right?

Chip and Margaret, hiking in TennesseeWe had visited grandchildren and “helped” our children until we'd strained relationships.  Even church work was unsatisfying, empty works of the flesh.

One day, I turned to Chip and sighed, “I should be so happy, but I'm bored.”

Chip responded, “We need the will of God.” Chip decided to Google “Will of God” and he found Andrew Wommack’s website. By nightfall, we were both deep into the archived broadcasts. 

When Andrew Wommack spoke at a venue near our home, we made plans to go. While at the seminar, we were drawn to a meeting about attending his Bible college. The idea of retirees going to college was silly, yet we kept talking about it!  

Between sessions, I reasoned, “If we go to Charis Bible College, and it's not right for us, we can leave. But if we don't go, we'll always wonder how it might have been.”

Chip determined that if we could enjoy studying the Bible for four hours Monday through Friday at home, we'd attend Charis the next year. 

So there we were, at the breakfast table, studying the Bible through the changing seasons. At summer's end, we sent our applications, rented an apartment, packed our car, locked the house and drove to Charis Bible College in Colorado!  

We planned to stay a year, but by Christmas, we had decided to attend Second Year. By October of Second Year, we knew we'd be coming to the Third Year Program.  

During our third year at Charis, God called us to open a Charis extension school in Washington, D.C. It has been an exciting time for us, preparing for, and now directing the school.

Our lives were once pointless, but thanks be to God, He has good plans for every season of our lives!CBC DC

This blog post was written by Margaret Morrow, Charis Alumni and Director of Charis Bible College Washington, D.C.

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