How to Bear Good Fruit

08/13/14 at 01:31 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

This blog post was written by Barry Bennett, the Dean of Students and Instructor at Charis Bible College. How to Bear Good Fruit

An apple tree is an apple tree by nature. From the moment that it begins its journey from a seed until it bears fruit, its nature doesn’t change.
Barry teachesWhat changes are the visible, tangible realities of the tree as it grows and matures. 

Not many would know by looking at the little sapling that it was is an apple tree, but years later everyone would know. Though it was always an apple tree, it didn’t bear fruit for many years.

In life you only start at the top when you are digging a hole.

No one begins as a mature believer with fully developed gifts and great influence. Just as a tree begins life as a seed, so do we!

How can we grow into maturity and bear fruit in this life?

1. Do what God has placed before you with perseverance and faithfulness. Put your hand to the plow in the field where you find yourself.

2. Exercise your faith in the little things. Faith is like a muscle. It needs exercise. Learn to walk by faith in every area of your life.

 3. Learn from others. Be teachable. 

4. Serve others. Be a blessing. Sow your life into those around you.

5. Be prepared to step into new opportunities that stretch you. Expect challenges and opportunities along the way. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

6. You establish the depth. Let God establish the breadth. The deeper you go in your relationship with God, the more He can widen your sphere of influence. Let Him promote you. You won’t need to promote yourself.


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