I switched from sickness to health

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Carlie switched from sickness to health!

This blog post is from Carlie Terradez, Third Year Coordinator and Assistant Director of Healing School

All of my life I had been sick in some way. I hated to admit it but there was a part of me that needed to be sick. 

Carlie Terradez at Charis Bible CollegeIt had become a way of life, part of my identity, something to hide behind when I needed an excuse.  It made me special.

I had been sick for so long, I didn’t know how to be well.

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was 17, shortly after becoming born again.  After ten years of living with frequent seizures, and the horrible side effects from the numerous medications I took daily, the notion of godly suffering no longer satisfied me.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!

When I read the New Testament I saw that it was full of examples of healings and miracles. My simple logic told me that if this same power was indeed at work in me now, like it was in Jesus back then, we as a church should be seeing just as many healings and miracles. 

I began to consider the possibility that I was wrong about the way I thought about God and healing. 

Shortly after I had this thought, I received an invitation to attend a midday women’s bible study. This small group of ladies were different—they were tongue talkers! These women talked to God like a friend, and the most intriguing thing for me was that God talked back! During one of these bible studies, I heard God speak to me:

"Carlie, you have held me outside of the Epilepsy. You don’t need to; I want to take it from you, if you want me to. In two weeks time you can be free from this if you choose to be. Flip the switch."

Seconds before I was a sufferer, a victim of life and circumstance just trying to survive.  Now the God of the universe has put the power to choose life in my hands. What was I going to do with it?

Carlie now prays for others to be healed!

Two weeks later, at the same bible study, a woman named Alice prayed for me. I don’t remember what she prayed, but it was a quick micro prayer. Immediately I felt heat throughout my body, and in my mind.

I flipped the switch. I turned the Epilepsy off. I went from having multiple seizures a day, to zero! 

That was ten years ago. Since then, I have been able to function as a healed woman of God! I work at Charis Bible College Colorado sharing with students and guests how to take God’s healing power to the world through the Prayer Ministry Training, Healing School, the Third Year Program



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