Bringing Charis Bible College to 1.4 Billion People

06/18/14 at 12:09 AM | Published Under Missions

1.4 billion people - the chinese

Charis Bible College classes are available in 7 different languages, and the next project will start translating classes into Mandarin Chinese!

We have been commissioned by Jesus to take this good news that is taught at Charis Bible College to the uttermost parts of the earth (Mk. 16:15). Through Charis Bible College World Outreach, we are sharing God’s Word with people in 19 countries at our 40 CBC campuses!

Charis Bible College World Outreach is the organization that makes planting the extension schools possible thanks to the generous gifts and donations from our partners.

Many schools in foreign and sometimes third world countries are solely supported by World Outreach through our friends and partners.  We call these our “Mission Schools.”

How Charis Bible Colleges are planted worldwide

When opening a “Mission School” or a foreign Charis, translated course materials are necessary since these schools are located in non-English speaking countries. We currently have materials available in seven different languages, and we are in the process of translating the first-year curriculum into the Mandarin language for CBC Hong Kong!

1.4 Million need Charis!We believe that having this Mandarin translation will be a gateway to reaching the largest people group on earth—the Chinese.  This translation will be used to train up Chinese students and pastors so that they can take the same truths of God’s Word and share them it in their homes, villages, and communities.

Translation costs for the Mandarin language are estimated to be around $78,000 for the first-year curriculum. This can be broken down to $250 a class. Once the curriculum is translated into Mandarin, the truth of God’s Word will be brought to the largest people group in the world.

Would you like to give to see the Chinese translation start and the other extension schools flourish? 

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