Resetting Your Default

11/26/14 at 01:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

 Resetting your Default

This post is from Charis Instructor Arthur Meintjes

Have you ever had a computer virus? The kind that rewrites your operating system and causes your computer to crash?

Arthur MeintjesThe only remedy—the only way to return your computer to optimal capacity—is to reset it to factory defaults. 

Some of you are infected with a virus. Your virus is skewing your belief system and causing you to operate outside of God’s intended design. You need to reset your default.

The human operating system is often referred to in scripture as the “heart of man.” In Proverbs, we’re told to “guard our heart,” for it drives the direction of our life. (Proverbs 4:23)

Our heart is our belief system. What we believe about God, about the Bible, about ourselves, is ultimately what determines the course of our life. 

The greatest privilege we receive as believers is the ability to experience the zoe life of God. Jesus said when we believe on Him, we possess eternal life now. (John 5:24, Amplified) As a believer, zoe is not something we have the potential to possess; we have it now.

Zoe is translated in John as eternal, but it means much more than length of life. Everyone has eternal life—everyone lives forever, the question is, where?

Zoe refers the quality of our life. Are we living life with the quality God intended?

If not, we need to reset our defaults. We need to return to the Creator’s design!

Paul says in Ephesians, that we must stop living like the Gentiles, with their standards of quality. It is possible to be a believer yet not experience a life like God’s.

When we live according to the world’s standards (in sin, with the wrong understanding of God and His character, in legalism) Paul says, we follow the unbeliever into futility and alienation. (Ephesians 4:17-18) Alienation means “self-banishment.”

We remove ourselves from the zoe life of God when we allow viruses to go unchecked. A virus is anything we believe that is not the Truth. We must reset our belief system to default settings—the settings God designed—so we can operate at optimum capacity.


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