The Holy Spirit: Your Comforter, Helper and Friend

11/19/14 at 01:03 AM | Published Under Charis Staff


The Holy Spirit

This post is an excerpt from Charis Bible College's new release, The Holy Spirit: Your Comforter, Helper and Friend, written by Charis Instructor Wendell Parr. 

A few years ago, I had a massive heart attack. Actually, I had a series of three.

Wendell Parr

By the third attack, I headed to the hospital. I remember lying there, surrounded by my wife and kids, when the doctors told me I needed quadruple bypass surgery.

As they’d rolled me to the operating room I thought, Shouldn’t I be a little nervous about this? But I really wasn’t. I experienced what scripture calls a “peace that passeth understanding.” I was rolled down the hall into a cold room, and put on a well-lit surgical table. 

As the doctors put on their masks and gathered ‘round, a mental image of vultures around a dead steer came to mind. But the surgeon said, “Do you have anything you’d like to ask before we put you under?” 

“Yes,” I joked. “You have done this before haven’t you?” 

What I’m telling you is not just theory—it’s real. The Holy Spirit produces in us an inward change that creates a pure upward worship and will produce an outward flow if we allow it.

Charis Bible College Instructor and Andrew Wommack Ministries’ Director of World Outreach, Wendell Parr, has just released a new book. Based on his popular teaching at Charis Bible College, The Holy Spirit: Your Comforter, Helper, and Friend released in October, to resounding applause. 

Follow the link below to download your free sample of this exciting new book!  


Download a free chapter now! Download a free sample of Wendell Parr's new book, The Holy Spirit: Your Comforter, Helper and Friend!

Journey through the Word as Wendell shares the Biblical precedent for the ministry of the Holy Spirit through the ages and in our own hearts.

Take a new look at this promised Helper and His role in our ability to live out the God-kind of life on the earth while discovering that the inward change the Holy Spirit works in our hearts creates a natural outflow of worship and service.

Click the link to download a free sample of Charis Bible College's new release The Holy Spirit: Your Comforter, Helper and Friend.