Nothing Is Impossible with God!

10/09/19 at 06:03 AM

Maren Hamm was desperately ill since she was a child.

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Don’t Worry—Be Happy!

10/02/19 at 06:00 AM

Worry comes naturally to every one of us...

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4 Keys to Embracing Your Uniqueness

09/25/19 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support
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3 Powerful Outcomes of Praise

09/18/19 at 06:00 AM

Let your praise change your feelings!

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You Won’t Hear This on the Major News...

09/11/19 at 06:00 AM

As soon as he was saved, Reza began to witness and pray for Muslims...

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2 Ironclad Ways to Empower Your Prayers

09/04/19 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support

If you aren’t getting the results...

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Got Questions About Coming to Charis?

08/28/19 at 06:00 AM

Many have wondered, Is this really God?

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10 Ways to Make Right Now Vital to Your...

08/19/19 at 04:16 PM

...going from crisis to crisis and constantly putting out fires?

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Are You Living an “Alternative” Lifestyle...

08/13/19 at 02:43 PM

...we are being shaped, molded, encouraged and even forced to accept “alternative lifestyles” as normal.

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Got Questions About Coming to Charis?

08/07/19 at 06:00 AM

Many have wondered, Is this really God?

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A Sure-Fire Way to Get Promoted

07/31/19 at 06:00 AM

Do you feel you should be promoted, but you feel like you’re being overlooked?

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Faithful in the In-Between

07/24/19 at 06:00 AM

Hearing God’s call, each left everything behind.

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07/17/19 at 06:00 AM’s not a time to draw back and be politically correct.

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2 Essential Opportunities to Let Patience...

07/10/19 at 06:00 AM

There are two primary areas in our lives it is essential we exercise patience.

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Indisputable Proof of Our Godly Heritage

07/03/19 at 06:00 AM

What made it the greatest?

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The Healing Dinner Bell

06/26/19 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support

Jesus used miracles like a dinner bell!

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No Purpose and No Hope—Until…

06/19/19 at 06:00 AM

God is still healing and restoring—even on family vacations!

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The Depths of Our Father’s Love

06/12/19 at 06:00 AM

It didn’t matter to the father what his son had done. He was overjoyed that he had come home!

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Amazing Evidence that God Provides!

06/05/19 at 06:00 AM

That is until one night in desperation, he cried out to God…

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How You Can Truly Receive God’s Grace

05/29/19 at 06:00 AM

Humility is voluntary...

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The 2 Greatest Keys to Your Happiness

05/22/19 at 06:00 AM

So, is true happiness obtainable? And if so, how do we get it?

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Christians, It’s Time to Fight!

05/15/19 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support

To deny a person the freedom to believe and to speak is to treat him like an animal...

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Do You Know the Most Powerful Force in...

05/08/19 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support


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Are You Ready to Activate Your Potential...

05/01/19 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support

It has been said that you’ll find the most untapped potential in a graveyard...

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Receive the Word with Meekness

04/24/19 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support
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