Bringing Charis Bible College to 1.4 Billion...

06/18/14 at 12:09 AM

Charis Bible College classes are available in 7 different languages, and the next project will start translating classes into Mandarin Chinese!

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Barry has a purpose, do you?

05/05/14 at 05:15 PM

Face down on the carpet in his home in Texas, Barry Bennett was feeling like a failure with no plan or purpose for his life—until a God-given revelation of righteousness changed everything...

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Finding true freedom at Mardi Gras

04/30/14 at 09:37 AM

CBC students took a trip down to Mardi Gras, and brought true freedom with them!

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It's all or nothing for Charis Alumni...

04/23/14 at 11:53 AM

Katherine knew that if she surrendered her life to Jesus, she would give him everything. You won't believe how far God has taken her since then!

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