Be a Part of a Modern-Day Miracle

02/24/16 at 01:00 AM

Together we can send modern-day heroes around the world and become part of a modern-day miracle as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world—even places where they’ve never...

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Exchanging My Wig for My Healing

02/17/16 at 06:08 AM

Still bald, I began to thank Him for my hair. I took Psalms 103:1-3, “He heals all of my diseases,” as my own. I commanded my mountain to move and my hair to grow.

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God is not Cheap!

02/10/16 at 06:00 AM

These examples show the Lord's willingness to meet our needs with plenty to spare. God is not cheap!

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The Comforting Ministry of the Holy Spirit...

02/03/16 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support

A large portion of the church (Christians) has been convinced that the negative, convicting and condemning emotions they experience in their daily lives is the work of the Holy Spirit...

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Did Jesus ever meet a homosexual?

01/27/16 at 04:07 PM

The time in which Jesus lived was no different from Moses’ or ours today. The problems never change—nor does the answer. Jesus has always been mankind’s Deliverer.

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Sharing Jesus in Dark Places

01/13/16 at 01:00 AM

I believe His presence is experienced in church services, but again, He can also be found in dark and unusual places.

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The World—Better or Worse?

01/06/16 at 06:00 AM

Is evil taking over or is the world getting better with a great harvest of souls taking place?

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Charis Blog Best of 2015

12/30/15 at 06:31 AM

Determined by your responses, click any link to read the Charis blog posts that were the BEST OF 2015!

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Why I celebrate Christmas

12/17/15 at 06:04 AM

In the fight against the de-Christianizing of our nation, I think the Christmas celebration is a great victory.

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Tune in to Life

12/16/15 at 06:00 AM

Is what we think about so important? Absolutely. “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Prov. 23:7)

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The Peace of God

12/09/15 at 06:00 AM

The purpose of the fruit of peace is to be an umpire in decisions of direction and purpose for our lives.

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The Heart of Christmas

12/02/15 at 06:00 AM Phil Cuilty

Charis’s Creative Arts School allows second-year graduates of Charis to continue developing their abilities to communicate the Gospel by being given industry-standard training in acting...

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Choose Thanksgiving

11/18/15 at 10:47 AM

Every one of us has much to be thankful for. I think it’s very appropriate to be thinking about them as we celebrate the most sacred holiday in America.

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A Successful Life

11/11/15 at 10:18 AM

People were not made for money. Money was made as a tool for our time here on the earth. Therefore, a materialistic, temporal view of success will be extremely disappointing.

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Meet the Students

11/04/15 at 01:00 AM

The Charis experience is something that has to be just that—experienced.

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The Sky is NOT Falling!

10/28/15 at 01:00 AM

Chicken Little is out there again, predicting the worst, and I’m amazed at how many people are buying into this.

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Where Is God’s Glory?

10/21/15 at 01:00 AM

Jimmy, a former Disney animator, is sharing Jesus with everyone he meets! Read his story in this new blog post.

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Word of God Speak

10/14/15 at 01:00 AM

Eventually, I would ask God to baptize me in the Holy Spirit again…and again. I kept doing this, not really knowing what to expect.

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Being Transformed by the Word

10/07/15 at 08:03 AM Phil Cuilty

Again, I tried my best, but failed over and over at being “good enough.”

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What are you feeding on?

09/30/15 at 01:00 AM

Which “food” is more important to you? Your answer will reveal a lot about your present and your future.

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Are you ready to give up?

09/21/15 at 08:33 AM

A recent BARNA study shows 1500 pastors a month leave the ministry. 70% are so stressed or burnt-out, they regularly feel like quitting: and 35-40% do quit.

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Multiplication is better than addition

09/16/15 at 01:00 AM

Let me tell you, God is into multiplication. He wants to increase you. This blog post shares how He does it!

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Miracles Made Easy

09/09/15 at 01:00 AM

Anytime we’re faced with challenges or a bad medical report, the rubber of our faith meets the road.

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6 Tips for College Success

09/02/15 at 01:00 AM

Here are six simple tips to help you make the most of your college experience!

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Take a Mulligan!

08/27/15 at 01:00 AM

No matter how badly you have failed, or how far you have fallen, or how deeply you hurt today, with God there is always another "Mulligan" or another opportunity for a do over!

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