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From Pizza to Plane Tickets!

08/18/21 at 06:00 AM

...something went off inside Javier Macias about coming to Charis!

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Charis Talks: Featuring Jacob Smith

06/24/20 at 06:00 AM

At his sixteenth birthday party, someone brought cocaine...

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The One Thing You Can Stake Your Life...

02/26/20 at 06:00 AM

But God…

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5 Keys that Will Make 2019 the Most Spectacular...

01/02/19 at 06:29 AM

Because it’s a new year, we are all thinking about how we can make this year better with resolutions and goals—some achievable, some not realistic….

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She Had It All Figured Out—But God…

11/28/18 at 06:00 AM

As she looked in the mirror, wondering why she was even here... But God….

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Want to Be a World-Changer?

09/19/18 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support

Every believer in Jesus is called to be a minister—some are called to...

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An Adventure with the Way-Maker

05/23/18 at 06:00 AM

Have you ever felt God calling you to do something that made no sense in the natural?

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What to Do When Fear Knocks

05/16/18 at 06:00 AM

Every year, potential Charis students either take a step of faith—or they don’t. There are many ‘reasons’ for not taking that step. But could they actually be just fear?

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May 2 Blog Post Response

05/14/18 at 05:00 PM
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A Leap of Faith–Student Testimony Blog

03/07/18 at 06:00 AM

Coming to Charis is a step of faith for every student, but for some, it’s a leap of faith...

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Sometimes Logic Doesn’t Work–Adrian Dykstra’s...

01/31/18 at 06:00 AM

Adrian Dykstra’s Charis experience began at a Starbucks in Michigan. As he was going on his lunch break, he saw a man reading his Bible.

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More Than Just a Bible College

10/18/17 at 06:00 AM

When students first arrive at Charis, many have preconceived notions of what it will be like. They expect to learn the Word of God, but they soon discover...

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You Haven’t Missed the Boat!

10/11/17 at 06:00 AM

Fall Term is underway at Charis, and students are beginning their very own “Charis Experience.”

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You Can Make a Difference

09/20/17 at 06:00 AM

If there’s one thing we as Christians need, it’s a better understanding of government—how to recognize when it’s functioning properly and what we can do about it when it isn’t.

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Trip To The State Capitol

04/26/17 at 06:00 AM

Our students are being equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to make a real difference in the “mountain” of government!

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Living Proof

04/05/17 at 06:00 AM

In October of 2009, Tracy Squillaci had what the doctors called a “brief psychotic breakdown,” followed by 5 more before coming to Charis in 2014!

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Radically Transformed

03/22/17 at 06:00 AM

So what is left after 30 years of alcohol and drug addiction and your 15th rehab?

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He Will Bless the Work of Your Hands

03/01/17 at 06:00 AM

Have you ever thought, a financial miracle sure would come in handy right now? Wayne did...

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The Blessings of Obeying God - Adam's...

02/15/17 at 06:00 AM CBC Production

Why leave a full-ride scholarship to MIT to come to Charis? The voice of the Lord.

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Overcoming Fear—Stepping out of the Boat...

02/08/17 at 06:00 AM Phil Cuilty

Have you ever felt the Lord leading you to step out on the water but were afraid to get out of the boat?

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Forgetting What Lies Behind—One of the...

01/11/17 at 06:00 AM

Do you know that there’s more but are afraid to leave the familiar to follow your heart? Grace Kissinger was…

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Your Guide to Surviving and Enjoying the...

12/14/16 at 06:00 AM

As the wonderful season of the birth of Jesus approaches us, we are faced with both challenges and opportunities. Here are some tips to help you not only survive the season, but transform...

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From Classmates to Business Partners

11/30/16 at 06:01 AM Phil Cuilty

Check out how these alumni have done just that after Business School!

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Hear What All the Buzz is About!

11/23/16 at 06:00 AM

The halls and classrooms of The Sanctuary in Woodland Park are buzzing with the sound of lives being transformed by the Word of God with this school year in full swing. Here is what some...

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How Can I Pay for Charis?

11/09/16 at 06:00 AM

One of the biggest fears about coming to Charis is finances. I know fear is not from God, but how in the heck am I going to pay for school? Here are some tips and testimonies from students...

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