New Hope Church




105 6th Street, Timber Lake SD 57656

Contact Person:

Bryce Schaffer

Email Address:

Phone Number:


Position Title:

Youth & Children's Minister

Position Description:

My wife, Colette, and I have been the pastors at New Hope Church for eight years and the church has rapidly grown from under 20 to over 100 people (our town only has 500 in it). Our congregation is wonderful mix of age groups. We also are an active church that looks to be a blessing to others and to our community with many church outreaches and then joint activities with the other churches in town.

We are seeking a person or couple who would like to oversee and facilitate our children and youth programs. Currently, we have 20+ k-5th grade children and 20+ youth who attend our church programs each Wednesday. The person or couple will need to run both of these programs as well as manage our children’s services on Sunday mornings.

They are not however, expected to do this by themselves, but will need to be able to coordinate with our congregation the support they need. We also see this person(s) as someone who will assist us as senior pastors in the care for the church facility and the needs of the people. Qualities and characteristics that we are looking for in our children/youth minister(s) include: being spirit-filled, have good communication skills, being a self-starter, organized, good with time management, and creative. The position is paid every two weeks. The amount will be determined by their experience and qualifications with a chance for a raise each year.


Hours Per Week:

10+ hrs at the church (part-time)

Starting Salary:

20K (depending on experience)

How to Apply:

Call 405-756-5118 or submit resume to