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413 N Railroad Ave
Round Lake, IL 60073

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Jay Hansen

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Social Media Manager

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We are a non-denominational church located in Lake County, IL which is near the Illinois/Wisconsin boarder and have been serving the community since 1988. We have a vision for reaching the southern WI and northern IL region with the message of God's love and Christ completed work and bringing restoration and healing to those in need. Primary responsibilities: Planning, implementing, managing, and monitoring company's Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase community impact. Secondary responsibilities: Assist with day-to-day administration and ministry responsibilities and possible teaching and preaching opportunities. This position could possibly be done from a remote work environment but we would prefer in office. Required Skills
1. Strategy planning - Outline goals, define target audience and determine what platforms will help scale ministry efforts.
2. Tactics and execution - Attention to detail to understand required resources. Build and maintain accurate budgets for accurate execution of the required tactics and resource allocation.
3. Community management – Creating and posting, observing, and responding to conversations within the ministries branded community by monitoring tweets, responding to Facebook/Instagram posts, and engaging with brand advocates.
4. Understand how content works on a social web - Know what content works and what does not on social networks. A good understanding which different media formats such as text (articles), video, images and podcasts resonate within our niche. Knowledge on how to make content move and maybe even go viral across social networks.
5. Optimizing content and technology - Understanding the essential for optimizing content for SEO, so search engines will rank high for your keywords and phrases on Google
6. Creative mindset – Conceptualize and design creative visual graphics and video that creates engagements.
7. Writing skills – Artfully created headlines, engaging introductions, call to action bullet points.
8. Be on top of the latest digital marketing trends – An understanding of intersecting trends and create a plan as our media impact matures and evolves.
9. Analytical skills – Ability to ready analytical data and measure our impact.
10. Leadership and communication skills – Verbal and written communication skills that keep team and the marketplace motivated, excited, and informed.


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Send Resume to Jay Hansen at