Gospel Homes for Women




30 Lawrence Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Contact Person:

Marilyn C. Vyzourek

Email Address:

Phone Number:


Position Title:

Pastoral Counselor/Administrative Assistant

Position Description:

We are a residential Christian Women's Home in Colorado Springs who has an office central and a home south and a home north that houses 9 women each. I would need someone to go into each home and do pastoral counseling with each lady and also work in the office a few days a week assisting the CEO. Skills needed are a gift for counseling and also a knowledge of administration, and mostly the Love of Jesus. You would be free to share the Gospel at any time and anywhere that the Holy Spirit prompts you to do so. CEO is a Charis graduate from 1998 and wanting work toward part time.


Hours Per Week:

30-40 flexible times

Starting Salary:


How to Apply:

Please email Marilyn Vyzourek at or call 719-291-3406. Please email your resume to the above email. We are looking for someone right now.