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2317 Stanley Rd
Greensboro, NC 27407

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Michael Clark

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Online Pastor

Position Description:

Online Pastor Job Description • Oversee both AVL and Online Ministry Teams • Ensure training of AVL Team and hold accountable for excellence of each Sunday morning/Wednesday evening service). • AVL team should effectively run sound, lighting, graphics, and video in each service • We should livestream on Church website, facebook, youtube, Instagram, and twitter. • Ensure schedule is followed (ex: pre-service music is played at right time, graphics are up for our online and in house guests, hazer is up and running, etc.) • Build a strong team and train. Will not need to be in the minutia of all the tech ministry, but we need to find good graphics people that can do good graphics for the slides or for online, we need to build a video team that can do post production of videos (edit and get posted to the website after services so I’m not having to do it. We also need to be able to cut 1-2 minute highlights of services if there is a really good point in worship or a really powerful point in the sermon that we could post on social media. • Have someone cut and post all the mp3’s to Soundcloud. • Oversee all technical issues (ex: lights out, we need to get a wire pulled, need a TV set up etc.). Make sure those things get done.) Online Ministry • Build a team that produces the online service. Need a good sound person, prayer ministers, and social media (facebook, Instagram, youtube people that can like share, comment, pray, and build relationships with our online community.) • Answer prayer calls (train prayer ministry team). Pastor Brian will help with some of that because of working in the Phone Center for Andrew Wommack Ministries. • Update prayer topics (add new ones with scriptures and related teachings (I can help there too). • Help us increase our social media presence (Would like to get to 1,000 views on Facebook in each service and 200 on YouTube.) Would like to get our YouTube subscribers up to 1,000. • Make sure sound person is trained and running and mixing the online service at a high level. • Build team that can produce short promo videos (announcements, highlights, etc). • Eventually begin hosting a pre-service and post-service wrap that will excite the audience for what's about to come, review highlights, main emphasis of the service and then encourage the audience to connect with us through website, social media, and phone. • Build online community through Facebook watch parties, etc.


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Email Brian Clark at