Church Planter Ministry




Davao City, Davado del Sur, Philippines

Contact Person:

Mara Koekemoer

Email Address:

Phone Number:

(063) 070-8254

Position Title:

Missionary / Church Planting Pastor

Position Description:

The community of Mindanao is desperately in need of a church planting pastor that teaches the complete Word of God. Seeking a graduate from Charis Bible College who has a heart for and is called to the nations. This young adults and elderly in this community are already busy devouring the books of Andrew. They are hungry for more of the Word of truth on healing and deliverance. They need a Shepherd who will teach and lead them. They are asking for someone who will be willing to come and help them! The Macedonians, who Paul saw in a dream, called out to him and said " please come and help us!" The people of Mindanao are asking “Will you come and help us?” If you are that person please contact me as soon as possible!

Hours Per Week:


Starting Salary:


How to Apply:

Call or Email me at